Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello again,

Today I just remembered that I do have a blog that remained silent for some time. But anyway, I could say that this blog is a once-in-a-while-blog where I only write down some of my story at times whenever I recall myself having a blog. LOL
         I am really glad and thankful that my worst problem has been lifted and because of that, I am still able to feel the fresh air on this earth. For now, I am living my new life away from my mainland as this is the best option I have. I miss my old life so much but nothing can be done to revoke my past. I am as I am now and my past is just my memories that taught me many things. I really hope that everything will be okay from now on.
         I will continue to survive and always will be trying to survive :)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

This is me again :) after a year I guess. Many things occurred in the past and I am having hard things lately. Hate to tell but it is the reality of the world and of course I need to become a realist, dealing with all real situation everyday by stop hoping for magic to happen.
       Right now, a lot of things always playing around my corner waiting to be dealt with and to be honest, I've had enough of this but surely I cannot give up on hope and efforts as well as prayers. Life must go on and the journey still lies ahead. Time is still young for me to be abandoned or wasted by mourning for things I could not change. Extra efforts is needed and what I mean is a very extra efforts! There is no space to have a good old time sleeping on my cozy bed because things does not quite siding me this time.
      But as the saying goes, there is a reason for all things that happen and if you truly understand what is the meaning of 'there is no coincidence in this world', then you'll find a way. Luckily, I'm still all together with that.
Cheerio :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I am so long abandoned this blog, again! But here I am now, accidentally having this blog crossed my mind :)
So what have I accomplished in my life so far? Abundant! I've learned a lot of things out there in this world. Plus, I am getting old, no more youth. But as a human it's a law that can't be changed. Acceptance is what we should have in preparing our old age.
    Friends? they come and go. But real friends, to be exact old real friends will always be there for you. But of course in exchange of you always be there for them as well :) Give and take rule!
Life is not always beautiful as many people think it should be. There is always the up and down of it. They only thing matters is how you handle it. Be strong and don't take things too personal. Ignore negative people, but not completely as you have the role to advise them, and then it's up to them to be on what side :) ask others to give you advise as well by the time you're in a negative situation :) Have faith!
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